Frequently Asked Questions

What is Our Vision

Our Vision is to have the largest online selection of food & beverage suppliers and manufacturers along with restaurant and hospitality related equipment and services. Easy to use search options that will instantly provide our end users with access to an unlimited source of products in its category.


What are our Core Values

We work with absolute honesty, integrity and ethics in all aspects of our business and focus a lot of time making our customers and consumers happy by providing sourcing convenience to everyone in the F&B industry. Our goal is expansion of; size, services offered, products listed and geographic presence which we will achieve by producing profits that enables the company to expand globally.


How do I register

There are two main types of memberships, buyers and suppliers. The application forms are the same and will only differ once you have entered your personal business dashboard. Once in the dashboards, further detailed information is required for both memberships.


Do buyers have to pay for a membership

Buyers have a free membership which comes with iAgoora's full services and support, purchase order platforms, sourcing solutions, access to entire supplier database and historical PO data storage for accounting references. There is a membership fee if the buyer wants to sign up for the iAgoora Restaurant Management Tools program.


Do suppliers have to pay for a membership

Suppliers have the option of either a free account with limited capabilities of taking the full membership package and becoming an iAgoora Trusted Supplier. Trusted Suppliers have access to full buyer database, more number of listings, higher ranking in featured supplier lists and they gain more exposure and higher potential for business development.


Does iAgoora charge a commission on sales to suppliers and buyers

We DO NOT charge any form of commission to buyers or suppliers as our belief is that we do not want to make money from your business but help you improve and expand your current operating levels.


Do buyers make payment to iAgoora or suppliers directly

iAgoora DOES NOT handle any cash or credit transactions between buyers and suppliers. In other words we do not want to mess with your money. All payments are made directly to suppliers NOT via iAgoora. We only charge a membership fee for suppliers and buyers.


Does iAgoora deliver the goods ordered from suppliers

We DO NOT store not deliver goods on behalf of suppliers as iAgoora is wholly a listing platform which connects you, the buyers, with suppliers and service providers all over the country.


How many days does it take to deliver (delivery lead time)

Most suppliers in the same region as you are would deliver your goods on their next delivery schedule i.e. next day, two days or three days. Outstation deliveries would have a different lead time which you can check with individual suppliers directly.


How do i contact iAgoora

You can contact us via the following channels

+6016 201 8591